FINAL DRAFT: Entertainment’s Top screenwriting software becomes first sponsor for The Artistic Standard mentorship program

Los Angeles, CA —  The Artistic Standard, the independent production studio founded by award-winning filmmaker Geno Brooks, is announcing that it has been sponsored by Final Draft, known as the industry standard screenwriting software, which will be utilized within the studio’s writers rooms, with attention on their mentorship program, training and giving industry standard experience to new voices and creatives. Final Draft will assist to provide the industry’s next generation of screenwriters with the software and tools being used in entertainment’s commercial studio system to excel in their television and film careers. 

“We are excited to equip our mentees/interns with resources to creatively express themselves in the current state of the world and social distancing with COVID-19. What better way to keep our mentees/interns creatively inspired and connected then with Final Draft,  the top industry screenwriting software,” said Geno Brooks, Founder/CEO of The Artistic Standard. 

The Artistic Standard Mentorship & Internship program supports their commitment to developing artistic, diverse, early career talent of color in the industry. Providing the mentees and interns shadowing opportunities, customized learning plans based on career goals and on-the job training on all of their productions for a seasonal length of time. The mentees will receive coaching sessions and support on a weekly basis with the production company executives. Also the studio aims to assign the mentees an industry professional who will help provide monthly guidance and tips to help navigate their writing, directing, producing, entertainment business, legal or production careers.

About The Artistic Standard

The Artistic Standard is a Production and Distribution company founded by Director,

Writer, and Producer Geno Brooks that is dedicated to creating compelling television, film, and digital content. Artistic Standard TV has over 23K subscribers on YouTube, in the last year 4M+ minutes watched, 500K+ views, with over 2.2Million channel views.

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About Final Draft 

Final Draft was co-founded in 1990 by Marc Madnick and Ben Cahan, who recognized that Hollywood lacked a word-processor capable of automatically formatting a script to the entertainment industry’s stringent standards. This led to the creation of Final Draft, a fully dedicated screenwriting software application that automatically formats your script to Hollywood’s industry standards.

Soon after its inception, Final Draft screenwriting software became the entertainment industry standard for screenwriting and the market leader among its competitors worldwide.  Final Draft continues to grow in popularity and into new markets throughout the world. It all starts with the script.

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About Artistic Standard TV

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